Raising Today's Children With Christian Values

How Today's Christian Values May Be Different From Your Parents.
While on the surface it appears that religion is on the rise, the statistics of divorce, unhappy marriages, and parents having more and more problems with their children are telling a different story. Even among those who attend church, there seems to be more questions of how to cope with the load of troubles in their life.


The best way for a family to become more united is to read the bible together as a family. Then everyday when you ask another member of the family, what did you do today, they may be able to tell you of some special act they were able to do because of what they learned from the bible.

Types of Christian Family Activities

Planning Christian Activities For Your Family
It is important to have a strong family life that has God in the center. Now the key to having the fun is knowing what activities you do.

We can help you find fun-filled activities that keep God in the middle
For instance, take nature walks and point out the leaves that God so delicately made. Notice the little beetle that crawls across the sidewalk. In the spring find a dogwood tree and tell about the dogwood legend with the flowers representing the cross with the red representing blood and the 'crown of thorns'.

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